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I had been too busy to think about these things, a look at three lame fell every minute scared Mongolia rhythm, instinctive reaction was killed by his own people, and then I ran next to him, picked up his hand that ginseng, and hand touched three lame, he gasped, but the back of the head has been bloodshed." "The three children can not say lame things right." Grandma asked direct export." They then let me hear, I looked at the grandmother, now she looked at three lame'd look of surprise." I looked at some lame grandmother pointed to three anxious mouth, grandmother looked at me and nodded, "all right, grandma is to let you see . Zhuowei Shu t follow my father strapped Zhuo King hurried toward the house walked beside soul sister kept saying "Slow down, slow ah! Ah small scene, a small scene you hear me?" I looked blankly Zhuo scene that, if I had not seen him before, could not believe that was strapped to his father, his face covered with a red pimple, it seems to be a myriad mosquitoes layers of bite up, particularly palsy people, and also one of those knots shiny shiny, it is like a tightly next to one of the blisters. A house some quiet time, to see my grandmother, "Jojo, you took my sister to go to the yard to play, adults to speak.

" Listening to children, I hesitate to open his mouth, Grandma directly into my mouth Suko, Suko that is too thin, and I never even feel like eating, but the thought of children's heart still looks uncomfortable, tears crackling out the "grandma, I want him to play. wholesale arizona cardinals jerseys " I shook my head, "not afraid. arizona cardinals vintage jerseys "grandma nodded." Then, straight - arms about his "Do not go by my side." Mind aunt mouth saying, some frustration, "I know quite angry, I feel so bad for Jojo, but ." Xu Gang glanced "Well, she is, the shoes I forgot how you burn it, aunt, you take me to burn, ah, the family did not leave her things, unlucky ah, if she took me Damn thing, how can these things happen, but also with three lame cheating that old bachelor son, my head in the village are suppressed ah this coming! "said Xu Gang, that posture is anxious sky and shouts, and filling his mouth a big wine.

" My grandmother pulled clothes, half his head down, pretending not to, until going out, I saw my father standing beside her mother, to be honest I did not dare to recognize her, she was a lot of fat, especially belly Ting Ting it seems to have hides like a basketball. arizona cardinals jerseys Soul sister and my grandmother bought a sleeper, the car I sit directly on the stool beside the bed, saw the bright lights of the Ferris wheel and farther away from me, do not know how the heart of the loss of light. His mouth side gets slightly, looked at me, "Zhuo unicorn." Grandma waved his hand, "I came all thought, Jiao Long is big, I am free, her heart go, forget it, go and see it Huijuan, in which she was a house. I like wrestling with the boys, most cattle are the class of boys can not Shuaiguo my young age I gained a reputation, it was like the beginning of the class bully Xu dollars, said she did not have what your mother born son of a bitch, later, without exception, let me beat, and then I go, and went behind several young boys, Xu looked up dollars like walking next to me, which gave me the command to take the bag, which go to I bought popsicles to eat, the air electrode.

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