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" Mind aunt nodded, looked at me, "Jojo, sister to check you all right, we come to the hospital to see the doctor is, you have to check the body, you do not want Zhuoshu Shu to you, then give you a sister optimistic about it. Xu dollars during this period did not speak, quietly turn around the stove, I approached her looked at her "big Ah, you go to my house. " "What do you mean, ah, Ma aunt you scare me?" Three Crips pointed to himself, "I have not really afraid of anything, do not say that Fengxia drowned in the river DEATH specifically looking men do, I went to the river several times, did not see her ah Kazakhstan, but then again, I really feel very sorry for it, if I can see her, she is a ghost pipe, and comes in really want to try that fat bitch child's taste it! " 'Snapped'! ! ! "You hit me?!" Watching three crippled grandmother looked at his face can not believe I lived ignorant, I did not expect grandma actually beat him, so many years, I first saw the grandmother beat besides me people, but also a slap in the face fan." Grandma nodded. 76ers championship jerseys " "Oh, this is to say that you do, Mr. 76ers camo jerseys sale I turned to look at a hotel room dressed women who sweep the clothes look scared room ran out of his mouth loudly shouted "kill ah !!" Soul sister looked confused at her heels and walked unto the room, "the soul! You do not go !!" Then pull her grandmother went on, I followed behind her grandmother, the necks of a sudden I saw the toilet room door open, soul sister also immediately scream "ah !!" turned up on covered my eye. 76ers basketball jerseys

" And then look to the father, "you go ah !!" "Too late." Mind to see Grandma, "It's not looking for me, my boyfriend booked the hotel, you will live it. I am about to expire when three lame arm toss, like a thing I have to like him sideways directly write, "Jiao Dragon ah!" Cried my grandfather, leaning forward a flutter, suddenly caught I, so we both fell to the ground together. "Basking, sister just said what I meant, ah, let me do the big brother a good relationship, a good relationship with him will be able to do a good college?" According to my understanding, soul sister, then what it means. 76ers champion jerseys Grandma opened the door and looked Xu Gang, while walking to their home side mouth and asked, "Feng-xia is loud noise?" Xu Gang complained to a face.

" I looked at her instinctively wanted to ask Fengxia how, I have to verify what their dreams, I do not know is not true. And our family Xianer I also know that some of our family although only a yellow sign, but worship three cents, fox, that do not specifically explain, yellow fairy, yellow child is practicing enlightenment into the immortal, and often Sin, we call this tube snake snake, snake fairy is meant, according to the grandmother said three Xianer which are very powerful, but together more extraordinary, so she gradually gain a firm foothold in the village before." I shook my head, sensed this tap water bewitched, "the dead do not scare." Then he looked at me look ignorant way, a no mood to talk to me the way out ".

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