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" "OMG, I can take a look at this very old wooden club ah, I have only seen in a child, it is also slightly smaller than this does, this is a fine of it." Then, the grandmother took me, dodging what seemed like too, turned and left in a hurry, not even Zhuoshu Shu with the office to say hello, so unlike her." Grandma took me turned around and went the elevator, "No, you can not live in this layer. I'd turned out directly, anyway, you will not let me listen to the next I was eavesdropping, this thing I is not never done." But Xu dollars actually touched my back and whispered close to my ear, "Jiao Long, my mother seems to fall ill, you have to follow her, or else while she does not know what capable. 76ers jerseys swingman " "Why ah. "Yes ah, ye can do something to do with that rascal, let's village who saw him not taking a detour ah." Carter, soul sister voice came out, "No ah! Zhuo Wei! Little King to die, to send him to the hospital!" Grandmother frowned together, his mouth talking about "It seems this is life ah ." Then, my grandmother took hand turned away." I looked at him and smiled, "my grandma in there, I brought you to meet my grandmother, in fact, it is the day you saved me with big, yeah, they thought it was I saved it. 76ers jerseys shop

I looked back, the village doctors still can not believe the way his face looked at her mother Tracy's legs, and even reached out and touched the reaction almost the whole face with hell." "You wash your aunt to Pasha. That storm is so in the past, but then I a lot of convergence, but underneath it is still scouring until finished fifth grade, summer of that year, Grandma said to take me to the provincial capital." Zhuo Wei shook his head "No, you do not know, aunt to say ah." "Then he cried even when you call the child's name three times, and called Tang Yucheng, then said, you do not run ah, just like my mother at home, ah, ah mother play with you, and then repeat the call three sound, two shouting back and forth, so to talk over, if the child continues to cry, you'll find your mother, your father let her go to the tomb to talk over, I think it would not have a thing. A long while, feeling grandmother's fingers on my eyelids scratched, then opening said "Open." I did not look up, looking down at the ground saying we were playing with sticks of trees. I followed the grandmother had left the house, her husband Tracy welcome out, "aunt, you quickly go to see it. "Jiao Long ah, not finished your toilet.

" "Ma aunt ah, three lame Shaa bring you home. 76ers jerseys uk " Grandma's voice sounded a little anxious." "No trouble. 76ers jerseys store " Tracy man a little nervous, but still got the wine and gave it to her grandmother, the grandmother took the wine eyes closed after drink a big mouth, and then facing Tracy mother's legs "Poof !!! "look, the whole wine sprayed out. "I did not freak you out." "Grandma seat that motion sickness, or seat train better. " Grandma has never seen, squinting to see "is the city people live in the house it ." Then, leaning to the side of her grandmother, did not look to Fengxia there.

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