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My grandfather had a washbasin end to throw out my knee wound clean sand, and then on the red syrup, mouth talking about the "It's not evil door you, old woman, you go to a bar, is not really not walked." I do not know what to say, just think Dad just said makes me feel bad, but then I thought, now I have nothing, opened his mouth "Whatever." Wow! ! ! Wow! ! ! Grandma words have not finished yet and so, the children cry on. Anaheim Ducks jerseys l " Grandma looked Xu Gang immediately opening. Know I've been a little guilty, I think if I do not let three lame dig, you'll also Xu Shengzai all right with me to play in the mountains, but the grandmother said, three lame money eyes, if I stop him, perhaps We had to suffer a great deal, and now this result is not necessarily a bad thing. Anaheim Ducks jerseys throwback " Grandmother did not speak, but her mother Tracy opened directly cover leg towel, then to something rotting smell comes out, Tracy's mother is a scream, the whole face painful mouth shouting loudly "Oh OMG !! I die, fast knife! fast leg with a knife put to me stamped ah !!!" I gave her a leg, thigh flesh seems to be following what sharp claws to scratch open, along the yellow pus dripping out of that hole stop, then along with that kind of rancid smell, I stomach instantly crest could not help it." Came up to me and looked at me, "OMG, this is Jojo you are big now.

Grandma pulled me, looked at my father, "ambition, the child in our country used to wild, so to speak, like a kid was like, and so went to the big city looked like a doctor." "I bless your gods, if you please, sister. Anaheim Ducks jerseys small " Mind aunt nod, was about to speak, the phone rang in his pocket, when our village does not own a mobile phone, the phone I looked at the little sister of soul feels especially good-looking, she pick up the phone to your ear "Hey, uh, I got, live in, the environment is also OK, well, you do not have much control, and tomorrow I took over, I know you, you give back to the phone. Anaheim Ducks jerseys sale " And then looked a Tracy "Tracy aunt sorry ah." Grandma stood up slowly, his eyes peering at me, "LIN Qiao, you really name is Lin, but deep down inside you named Ma, today you go out from the door of the Lin family, then, you and I had nothing to do Lin , you are dead or alive, told us it does not matter. "Who cried, I cried what eyes quilt acids long time!" Grandmother abruptly responded, I do not know what to make grandma grandpa eyes, so grandpa directly on the kang, what did not ask once.

" Xu Gang still kneeling on the ground, holding scared silly about the Tigers, looking grandmother "Ma, Ma aunt, then how to do ah. " "No, you are a boy, Jiao Long, you have been a lie, in fact, you are a boy. " "Mom!" Dad looked next to her grandmother anxious cry." She did not crashed, just glanced at me, probably not satisfied with my performance, look to my father, "she basking come yet. Zhuo Wei nodded "yes ah, ah two girls early looks, the girls in your class is not a little higher than boys, ah, do not like to wear a skirt that belongs to personalize it, so you like to wear it when beauty a.

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